LETTER – Perth City Hall Saga

Perth City Hall Saga


I have just returned from a visit to the U.S. and while I was there I visited the Reading Terminal indoor market in Philadelphia. It was incredible. What had looked like a smallish building on a quiet street, was inside a heaving hub of activity. I was blown away by the sheer amount of choice and activity there was, with food options from every corner of the world. It was so busy with locals and tourists a like you struggled to find a seat.

I have to say I have never seen anything like it here in Scotland, but I can’t understand why not as it was truly a fantastic place to visit and indeed work according to the workers I talked to there. It really has made me question why our local politicians seem to have no interest in at least trying out the City Hall as an indoor market. If it doesn’t work out they could then press on with their plan for destruction, but I for one would vote to create something instead of destroying another part of our history. The options and benefits it would offer to local entrepreneurs and young people looking to start a business would be great as well as offering our ailing city centre a vibrant new hub of activity.

Is it not time that the people of Perth & Kinross got to decide the future of their civic centre and got a vote on the future of the City Hall? I think so. Why not hold a local referendum on the future of the City Hall on the 23rd June, the same day as the EU referendum so the costs of doing so would be minimal. Those on either side of the debate would be free to voice their views and campaign. The people can then decide which vision they want.

Xander McDade


(Released to the press on 4th April 2016)

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