LETTER – Time for an Independent point of view in Parliament (Perth & North Perthshire Constituency, UK General Election on 7th May 2015)

Time for an Independent point of view in Parliament

You’d be forgiven for thinking there are only two candidates standing in the Perth & North Perthshire constituency, as we keep getting told by the SNP and the Conservatives that those are your only two options. However, there are seven candidates standing on 7th May including, unusually in this election – an Independent, myself. Only about a sixth of Scotland’s constituencies will have the option to vote for an Independent and that’s because the odds are stacked against them from the beginning. After paying a £500 deposit that they will only see again if they have thousands of votes, they need to raise several times that just to put one leaflet out across the constituency.

I am standing and have paid for my campaign out of my own pocket, because I believe that issues need to be raised. All too often, all our politicians and political parties seem to be on the same page – particularly on controversial issues, such as the demolition of the City Hall and the proposed By-Pass through the Crematorium. I felt someone needed to stand up and oppose these proposals and this cosy consensus. If you elect me, you’re guaranteed an MP that will hold the government of the day to account because I won’t be in it! There are national issues that affect us locally, such as the fact that we need a rational energy policy including a moratorium on wind farms in Perthshire as our most scenic Perthshire landscape becomes saturated with them.

I am not just campaigning on local issues though. I have been advocating that our democracy is truly broken at all levels, we need reform of our political system. A proportional voting system, so that everyone’s vote counts equally; an end to an unelected House of Lords; and real decentralisation of powers from Europe, Westminster, Holyrood and our local council to the local communities where it belongs. The people of Perthshire have the opportunity to send a message for REAL change on 7th May by electing an Independent which would send shockwaves through our political establishment in London, Edinburgh and Perth. If you agree with what I have said in my leaflets and online please don’t buy into the hype. Vote for hope over fear.

Xander McDade, Independent Candidate for Perth & North Perthshire

(Released to the press on 4th May 2015)

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