Volunteers are vital to make our campaign a success!

I’m a strong believer that for our political process to be a success then everyone must engage with it in some way, even if its just by voting! My passion to change the world was developed at an early age as I watched my Mum campaign against injustice in healthcare and dangers to our environment.

If we want to change the way things are, or indeed protect the things we love, we must convince others that our position is the right one. To reach as many people as possible, we must use every campaign tool at our disposal and every supporter has their part they can play in this!

Most of our supporters have never been involved with a political campaign before they start helping so don’t worry that you won’t know what to do – we will support you as you support the campaign! It’s never too early or late to get involved, wither you’re a first time voter of 16 or 40 or someone who’s voted in every election since 1945 – you can make a difference!

Every leaflet you can deliver, social media post and door you knock on could change one persons mind and help ensure we win.

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Knocking on doors: By canvassing door to door we can have important direct conversations with voters, giving us one of the best opportunities to convince people of our policies. We always give training before people go out and work in teams so don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, you’ll be with someone experienced!

Delivering leaflets: Regardless of wither you just deliver to the houses in your street or your whole village, every leaflet delivered frees up Xander and the rest of the teams time to focus on other campaign activities.

Help with a street stall: The more street stalls we can hold, the more opportunities we have to reach undecided voters. Usually manned by a couple of supporters, they only take an hour or two, and are often a good way to become more confident at talking to voters about issues before trying canvassing.

Display a poster: Visible signs of support are important for showing voters that we have lots of support out there and can win. Displaying a poster takes seconds and is an easy way for a you to show your support!

Hold a house meeting: All you have to do to hold a house meeting is invite Xander and a few friends/neighbours around for a coffee so they can chat to Xander and ask him questions about the issues that matter to them. (It’s vital to speak to Xander first to make sure you hold it at a time he’s free to come along!)

Help out on polling day: Polling day is the most important day of any election campaign as voters head out to cast their ballot. As a campaign we have so much to do and many hands make much lighter work! We’re always looking for people to help stand/sit outside polling stations, give voters lifts to the polls and deliver last minute leaflets to target voters.

Call voters: Making sure we get voters out on election day is vital to ensuring we win. You’ll only ever be given the names of people who have given us their phone number so don’t worry, you won’t be cold calling.

Support other volunteers: For those who aren’t comfortable with direct campaigning or can’t get out, there are lots of support roles needing filled that are just as important! We need people who can co-ordinate with other volunteers by phone or email, provide volunteers with food to sustain them on election day, or be a collection point where other supporters can collect leaflets and posters from.

Data entry/Tech support: Sometimes our canvassers don’t have time to input the information they’ve collected during their door to door session, you can save others time by offering to help do this and you don’t need to know much about IT to do it! If you do know about IT though we’d love to hear from you too as we can always use more help keeping all our technology running.