RELEASE – Xander’s Short Manifesto (Perth & North Perthshire Constituency, General Election on 7th May 2015)

Short Manifesto for General Election on 7th May 2015


I got involved with politics campaigning to save my local town centre in Pitlochry from a bad development, and to save our beautiful countryside from industrial scale wind farms. In both these cases I believed there were better alternatives, and in both cases the local communities advancing these alternatives were ignored, in favour of wealthy developers. Communities should be in control of shaping their own future and one sized policy does definitely not fit all. What works for Wales may not work for Scotland, in the same way what works in Glasgow is unlikely to work for Perthshire. The closer power is to people the greater influence the influence they can have over decisions.

We have seen a similar situation with the City Hall and the proposed By-Pass through McDiarmid Park and Perth Crematorium, where our local leaders have ignored opposition. They are more interested in political point scoring, than working together to represent their communities. I believe the City Hall could be turned into a great community space where markets could be held and that an alternative route must be found for the By-Pass. Our politicians will have to account to future generations for the destruction of our heritage.

As this is a national election I will set out what my policies are on the issues I believe to be U.K. wide. I would campaign for: Trident to be scrapped, and the money to be spent on protecting our public services; tax incentives to be offered to small and medium sized businesses who pay the Living Wage; and for stronger workers rights including the reintroduction of free tribunals.

I would also lobby for: a sensible national energy policy including a focus on rooftop solar and energy conservation and away from onshore wind; the re-nationalisation of our railways; a reform of our tax system including an end to National Insurance so people only pay income tax; and a closing of tax loop holes and a crack down on tax evasion which costs tax-payers billions every year.

It’s also time we scrapped the unelected House of Lords and replaced it with an elected second chamber, and reformed our voting system to a form of Proportional Representation where everyone’s vote matters. For more on my policies including my opposition to TTIP, and support of an EU referendum please see my website –

I believe politics should be transparent, so my election campaign is funded solely by me, money I have worked very hard to earn. I also believe that as a representative I should not be paid so much that I live in a different world to my constituents. So if elected, I will only take the national average wage of £26,936, donation the remaining £40,000 to charities effected by government cuts. If you agree with what I stand for, please don’t buy into the hype of its only a two horse race, lets show them its time for real change and vote for me on 7th May.

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